Issue #25

AnnA Lux, The Last Four, Saor Patrol, Hulkoff, Immoler, Eufobia, Roterfeld, A Crime Called..., C4, MonsterTools, SeVeR, Snegi, Larva, Art Of Violet, Carrion, Corde Oblique, Dreamsense, Felissa Beliol, Las Piranas, Marilyn Manson, N-616, Otto Dix, Pantera, Seadrake, the First Elite Nomen, White Fire, Bagira, Neirs, Ostav Sebe, Rishi, Sargas, Faktotum, Chetire Kvartala.

The heading "Connect", reviews.

Issue #24

Raging Dead, Bardak, Tomago4e, Ancient Culture Experiment, Darkness On Demand, Fi-guri, Red Shift, The Last Days Of Jesus, Karelia, Error Enter Exit, Zelenaya Milya, Too Loud Records, Shadowpath, Lica, para bellvm, Van Clift, Nightcall, Night Of Freedom, N&B, Consuelo, Sosoulsbecomestars, Rites To Sedition, The Last Four, Fatalniy Vistrel, Rishi, SilverHeads!, MarieL', Zаpаd, Azon, Atrium Noctis, Unreal.

The heading "World Poetry And Metal", reviews.

Issue #23

Crossbones, The Beauty of Gemina, Otto Dix, Bak XIII, Terrorfrequenz, Grace Meer, hertzschlag, Teatr odnogo Vahtera, Amanna Dorcha, Druknroll, Cukaty, Amely Sky, Greengrave, Kleopatra, Armada, Moon Far Away, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Tarja, Ministry, Crowsnest, TomCat, Atrahasis.

The heading "Chester Bennington", reviews: Unit, Beretta Rock, Bagira.

Issue #22

The Maya Secret, Ashes Collide, Henry Metal, Funker Vogt, Serpentshrine, Seij minus aC, Altera, Wolfish Grin, Magic Mantrass, Unit, Run 2 Mik, Queen & David Bowie, Satyricon, Freddie Mercury, Samadhi Sitaram, Katty Verse, Unit, Green Day, Nirvana, Cradle Of Filth, Pepelny Svet, Thalamus, Alice Cooper, Tantal, Superbeast, King Satan, New Day.

Reviews: Syron Vanes, Hail Spirit Noir, Bite The Bullet.

Issue #21

The Guests, Monolog, Youth Inside, From The Ashes, Poison Garden, Forbidden Seasons, SamadhiSitaram, GumoManiacs, Wolf’s Hunger, Otto Dix, Hoenir, The Guests, Valfreya, Polnolunie, Bez Kompromissov, Sonuvabitch, Beretta, Youth Inside, From The Ashes, Asper X, Anion Effect, In Thousand Lakes, Coffeinne.

The headings "Depeche Mode", "Tour diary: Brugge", reviews: Dope, Theatres des Vampires, Polnolunie, September Mourning.

Issue #20

Kissin’ Black, Al-Namrood, Circle Of Punishment, ManOK, My Funeral, Teodolit, Aventail, Kvendi, Tumanniya, Richard Von Sabeth, Yasvena, Atonismen, Heather Wasteland, TNV, Samadhisitaram, Alessiee, Ne Spitsa, ModeM, Equilibrium Falls, In Strict Confidence, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Extruder.

The headings "David Bowie", "Tour diary: Rotterdam", reviews: Utburd, Yasvena, TNV, Atonismen, Lacrimas Profundere.

Issue #19

Stoneman, TerroloKaust, Atropas, NOVAkILL, Methedras, Final Cut, Polnolunie, Yasvena, Helms Alee, Ignition, Korni Ozer, Otto Dix, Radioaction, Shaggy Monsters, Star Industry, Sum 41, The Brave, The Fams, Tyemni Morok, Victor Love, Voices Of Death, Wolf’s Hunger.

The headings "Ballads", "Tour diary: Luzern", reviews: Faktotum, My Own Sorrow, Victor Love.

Issue #18

Cydia, Dan Deagh Wealcan, Ecliptica, Enzo and the Glory Ensemble, Inishmore, Sacred Groove, Todtgelichter, Faktotum.

The headings "David Bowie", "Edgar Allan Poe", "Party: Das Ich in Moscow", "Tour diary: Oslo", reviews, bunker-charts.

Issue #17

Stoneman, Abdication, Across Silent Hearts, aliceBlue, Amonsters, In Sanity, Majestic, Me The Tiger, S-Led, Shallow Rivers, Klaus, Fraktura.

The headings "Edgar Allan Poe", "Edgar Allan Poe", "Tour diary: Copenhagen", reviews.

Issue #16

Otto Dix, Nemnogo Nervno, Implode, Kissin’ Black, Lunchbox, Morthus, Oprihod, The Guests.

The headings "Party: Walpurgis night in St.-Petersburg", "Computer game Lapsum", "Schwarze Szene - photo art", "Merpunk", "Tour diary: Stockholm", reviews.

Issue #15

Eyes Wide Open, Lyriel, Gun Barrel, Kissin’ Black, Blood Runs Deep, Dope Stars inc., Nemnogo Nervno, KNM, Operatsia Plastilin, Estate, Terratomorf, Arcane Symphony, Konets Citaty, TCON?.

The headings "Schwarze Szene - photo art", "Person: Andrey Shkuratov", "Tour diary: Prague", reviews, bunker-charts.

Issue #14

Stoneman, Ego Fall, Vitne, Yulia Krow, Atra Hora, PerfectHate, Oprichod, Anastasia Fomina, HerEyes, Revontulet, Perfect Asymmetry, HorizoN.

The headings "Party: Extreme - 25 Years Later", "Person: Sergey Slobodchikov", "Tour diary: Florence".

Issue #13

Fractured Spine, Kissin' Black, Vanguard, In Love Your Mother, Tupa Ruja, Elyne, Vladimir Ptashnik, Autopsy Night, Rose Of Steel, Mesopotamia, [SALE]only, 13th Column

The headings "Party: Folk Summer Fest 2014", "Bela Lugosi", "Timothy Walter Burton", "Tour diary: Geneva", reviews, bunker-charts.

Issue #12

Jeeves, Spiral69, Aristarh, Caladmor, Terrorfrequenz, Model Kaos, Baby Animals, para bellvm, Stoneman, Lovelorn Dolls, Omnimar, Anckora, ProRock, Der Noir, Too Dead To Die, Stillborn Diz, Kranstain, Radio-Masts, Republic Mars, Hereyes, IvoryGod, Sleetgrout, Winter Haven

The headings "Party: Tsuki no Ryu 2014,", "Tour diary: Vienna", "Blackmore's Night", reviews.

Issue #11

Aella, B.T.R., Bez Litsa, Caliban, Diodati, Dr. Kranck, Fox Hunting, Furykane, Galaxy Space Man, Rebentisch, The Dead President

The headings "Party: Synthetic Snow 2013", "Party: Emilie Autumn", "Tour diary: Lueneburg", "Apocalypse in literature and cinema", reviews, bunker-charts.

Issue #10

Armaga, Bak XIII, Calling Of Lorme, Cryo, Hacking The Wave, KNM

The headings "Party: Halloween 2013", "Person: Maria Morozova", "Tour diary: Kemi", "New wave of the St.-Petersburg's punk-rock", "XXI. Motionless movement", "Hickey. Illness or rescue", reviews, video-charts, bunker-charts.

Issue #9

Scythia, Eklipse, Otto Dix, DreamVeil, Alkemic Generator, Magisterium, Louna

The headings "Party: Emilie Autumn in St.-Petersburg", "Tour diary: Lueneburg", "Apocalypse in literature and cinema", reviews, video-charts, bunker-charts.

Issue #8

Spiral69, Attrition, Rammstein, Grenouer, Герой и Злодеи, Dope Stars Inc., Tuli Linna, Михаэль Драу.

The headings "Party", "Person", "Letters of readers", reviews, video-charts, bunker-charts.

Issue #7

AKADO, Vigilia, Davos, Larva, Neurobash, Controlled Collapse, Kurt Cobain.

The headings "Art Surgery", "About goths" (p.2), "Letters of readers", reviews, video-charts, bunker-charts.

Issue #6 (Januar 2013)

Dope Stars Inc., The Fallacy, Eklipse, Xambuca, Mind Driller, Гоген Солнцев.

The headings "Art Surgery", "Party", "About goths", reviews, video-charts, bunker-charts.

Issue #5

Metallspurhunde, Desdemona, Birdmachine, ElisaBat Muse, Deform, Delica-m, Pray Project, Carlo Roberti (Solobuio Visual Factory), Sergey "Pauk" Troizky.

Articles by Jyrki Witch (Two Witches), Sergey Michaylov, the headings "C-jeff about music", "Art Surgery", "101 Shelter Stories", "Underground Is Not Only Music", "Party", reviews, video-charts, bunker-charts.

Issue #4

Vacuum, Lord Of The Lost, TNV, Tuli Linna, Geval, Risha, Torney Gottberg (Progress Productions).

Articles by Pavel Zolin (Purple Fog Side), Dmitriy Lobachev, the headings "C-jeff about music", "Art Surgery", "101 Shelter Stories", "Party", reviews, video-charts, bunker-charts.

Issue #3

In Strict Confidence, Otto Dix, Louna, Substaat, The Peoples Republic Of Europe, Ultimate Soldier, Three July, Maestro Nosferatu, Pain Deep Inside.

Articles by Jyrki Witch (Two Witches), Dmitriy Lobachev, the headings "C-jeff about music", "Art Surgery", "101 Shelter Stories", reviews, video-charts, bunker-charts.

Issue #2

Bauhaus, Fleur, Deform, Jane Air, Maestro Nosferatu, Paradigm Of Life.

Articles by Jyrki Witch (Two Witches), Oleg Azov (TNV), Alexander Yakovlev (Bio), Pavel Zolin (Purple Fog Side), Dmitriy Lobachev, the headings "Art Surgery", "101 Shelter Stories", reviews, bunker-charts.

Issue #1

Piknik, Gleb Samoiloff & The Matrix, Evadam, Nine Inch Nails, Theodor Bastard, C-jeff.

Articles by Pavel Zolin (Purple Fog Side), Alexander Yakovlev (Bio), Oleg Azov (TNV), Jyrki Witch (Two Witches), Peter Vornov (Otto Dix), the heading "Art Surgery", reviews, bunker-charts.

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